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New and returning riders are most at-risk so help2ride provides a complimentary sessionInformation About our FREE tuition: We focus on strategic riding where we engage riders and trainers at all levels to adopt an internalised approach to their roadcraft through taking responsibility and realising culpability for their decisions.

- The first 20, 45 or 90 minutes are free.
- An extra hour is $85
  (a total session length of 1˝ hours)
- An extra 3 hours is $250
  (a total session length of 4˝ hours)
- $1 per kilometre surcharge if travelling
with a Master TrainerInformation About help2ride's Master Trainer: Mark Martin is a WA accredited Master Trainer with an European background in training and examining riders.

Complementing his extensive international experience is a degree in training and assessment and decades’ of Professional Development in Training and Assessment.
to have a look at how you ride, and help you be safer on our roads.

help2rideInformation Specialists in Road Safety since 1984: After 3 decades' in the industry, Mark Martin of Star Rider fame decided that it's time to give back to the community and founded help2ride to provide a social network of trainers, mentors and supervisors to impact the carnage and trauma experienced by riders on our roads. is an informal network of trainers and mentors helping newly-licensedInformation Newly licensed riders: Riders within the first three months of going solo are ten times more at risk than for their entire first year of riding solo.

If you are within 3 months of being licensed for the first time on a motorcycle, you are eligible for a free session to help you be safer by working with you on your roadcraft.

As this is not a funded operation, there is a limit of 1 session per at-risk rider.
and Returning RidersInformation Returning Riders: A Returning Rider is basically one that hasn't ridden for long enough to get stale.

If you would like guidance, we can help you with one free session to enhance your roadcraft.
get quality training in being safer on our roads. For FREEInformation FREE tuition for at-risk riders
(those newly licensed or returning)
You get a free 20, 40 or 90 minute session on roadcraft to help you be safer.

Returning Riders and those within three months of being licensed for the first time on a motorcycle (definitions on Home page).

Lesson locations:
- Thunderbikes in Bassendean
  on Collier Road
- JCS Motorcycles in Burswood
  on Great Eastern Highway
- Fraser Motorcycles in Dianella
  on Walter Road West
- help2ride in Eden Hill
  on Hardaker Street
- Motorcycle Pit Stop in North Perth
  on Angove Street
- Your choice of location
  we come to an agreed location
  $1 per kilometre, round trip surcharge.

- Limit of 1 session per at-risk rider
- An extra hour is $85
  (a total session length of 1˝ hours)
- An extra 3 hours is $250
  (a total session length of 4˝ hours)
- Must carry appropriate class of licence,
  and wear appropriate PPE (legal helmet,
  enclosed footwear, gloves, long clothing)

- Subject to instructor/supervisor/mentor
  availability (we can only do what we can,
  with what people & resources we have)

We have delivered excellent service to motorcyclists and trainers since the early 80's.

We help at-risk motorcyclists be safe on our roads

We all have something to learn
Everyday, we learn; even after decades of training thousands of motorcyclists! It's one of the keys that make our team great trainers and safe riders. You benefit from our having "been there - done that" as we share our internalised approach to roadcraftInformation roadcraft (IPSGA): A 5-point system of control originated at the Metropolitan Police Driving School at Hendon, UK, to safely navigate a hazard:
I Information received, used, communicated,
P Position that is safe, visible and correct,
S Speed such as to stop within visible range,
G Gearing to maximises vehicle control and
A Accelerate to safely clear the hazard.

Taking, using and giving information permeates the System and is applied as needed. The system is applied on approach to hazards (where a change in speed or direction is required).

This step-by-step approach minimises multi-tasking and maximises concentration and awareness at the point most needed: on the final approach to a hazard.

These books also underpin teaching at RoSPA and the Institute of Advanced Motorists.
through accepting responsibilityInformation You're the one who looks after you! It's not a 'blame game'. Regardless of 'right' or fault, you're the one who's going to wear it when things go sideways. Do you want that?

Of course you don't!
       we're here to help.
and realising culpabilityInformationAccepting blame for a breach of care: Definition from The Free Dictionary:
Blameworthy; involving the commission of a fault or the breach of a duty imposed by law.

Culpability generally implies that an act performed is wrong but does not involve any evil intent by the wrongdoer.

The connotation ... is fault rather than malice or a guilty purpose ... reprehensible rather than wantonly or grossly negligent behaviour.

          Culpable conduct may be wrong
          but it is not necessarily criminal

Culpable ignorance is the lack of knowledge or understanding that results from the omission of ordinary care to acquire such knowledge or understanding.

Risk managing your riding
Road RageCritical ErrorRoad Rage Road Rage is now at alarming levels. No longer is it a shaken fist or a few curses - it's people lives at stake kills, and riders There's a wide range of 'motor-cyclists' out there: Electrically powered cycles, scooters, motorcycles and trikes, and just a wide range of people riding them, from the new road user through to mature riders returning to riding after a significant break (including cyclists) are at riskHelpHazards and Threats Reducing risk is about identifying hazards and eliminating threats. Strategic training offsets the risk and violence and elevates low risk behaviour to conscious competenceInformation4 Levels of Learning: Unconscious Incompetence
    Conscious Incompetence
        Conscious Competence
            Unconscious Competence
. Refreshers help maintain these skills and strategies. Together, they act to keep riders safe.

Email or call us on (08) 9279 9779 or 0411 536 733
and ask us how we can help you be safe from harm.